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How to advertise on Lazybux?
Published on 13-02-2016

1. log in and click my account

2. then click add funds

3. Choose payment method and type the amount then click send.

4. then click the bitcoin button and pay via bitcoins

5. Once you sent the bitcoins wait for 20 minutes, you will see your money in purchase balance, go to the homepage and click advertise

6. Then buy the credits.

7. Again go to my account and click advertiser panel

8. You will see manage drop down menu, select the advertisement plans(the one which you bought credits) 

9. Then click on "Click here to add a new advertisement"

10. Then create your ad and click continue

11. Click on "click here to validate the ad"

12. Then click on allocate

13. Add credits to allocate

14. then click allocate

15. click continue, now your website or ad will be visible to million of viewers


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