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Started by bhitra 2017-07-12 at 02:28
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Hello members,
In one of our recent team meetings, it has been decided to introduce a Deal / Promotion on purchasing Fixed PTC advertisement on Neobux and we have allocated some budget for that. Before diving into details, please note the status of this deal above this post. As long as it is active, this promotion is alive and you can use it. I am sure many of you are interested in buying fixed advertisement on Neobux in order to boost your earnings on other websites, but you might be hesitant to do that because of two reasons:
1- The expensive cost of fixed ads on Neobux so that you might consider other advertising methods
2- The risk of not getting the expected results.

We are more than happy to help you out with these two items above. In other words we will pay for part of your costs to let you become closer to your desired goal. Currently the promotion is active for 1, 3 and 7-day fixed advertisements. According to latest Neobux fees table, here would be the costs:

Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 12 hours: $50
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 1 day: $85
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 3 days: $249
Neobux Fixed Exposure Unlimited for 7 days: $560

If you buy 12 hours fixed ads in Neobux , you will get $10 back to your purchase balance + 40 RR
If you buy 1 day fixed ads in Neobux , you will get $20 back to your purchase balance + 60 RR
If you buy 3 days fixed ads in Neobux , you will get $45 back to your purchase balance + 120 RR Best Choice
If you buy 7 days fixed ads in Neobux , you will get $90 back to your purchase balance + 250 RR Professional Choice

4 Groups of users will benefit from this:

1- Users who buy fixed advertisement in Neobux
Because firstly they increase the number of their direct referrals which will result in higher daily earnings. Part of the advertisement cost is sponsored by lazybux. With this and also by getting direct referrals through the fixed ads, it quickly pays for its cost.

2- lazybux: The minimum benefit for the website is the traffic growth. With more members attracted by the fixed ad, there will be a potential growth in investments which would be very helpful in terms of growth and stability of the website.

3- Other members: There is no doubt that with a higher number of users, advertisers, traffic volume and deposits, it will be a safe environment for everyone to do their business.

4- Advertisers : Specifically those who buy ads on lazybux because they will get more hits.

- Please note if the fixed ad fee changes on Neobux, we will also update our bonus amount, so please check this topic before purchasing from Neobux in order to be aware of all updates.
- Please note that the traffic must be sent directly to your referral link, any other methods are not acceptable.

Please post your instructive comments or suggestions in this topic. Also we are open to any feedbacks/complaints

Thanks for supporting us
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